Haul 4-wheeled vehicles in the back of your short bed pickup – just remove your tailgate, slide the 4Loader into your truck’s 2” receiver, and bolt it securely. Then drop the ramps and load up!


The 4Loader locks your ATV safely and securely in your truck with two sleeved deadbolt receiver locks.

Steel guards cover both locks to prevent would-be thieves from accessing them. The push button locks are easy to use and weather resistant, with a durable rubber cap that keeps dirt out. Never worry about leaving your ATV unattended in a parking lot or even at home. And the locks are designed to stay in place even when unlocked, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your locks.


Our 8’ ramps are securely attached and won’t slide off while loading and unloading your ATV, and they won’t slide out of the back of your truck when driving down the road.

With the 4Loader, there’s no chance of leaving your ramps behind or getting stuck with no way to get your ATV off your truck. Custom rails on either side of the ramps guide your ATV smoothly and safely in and out of the truck bed. The ramps automatically lock into place when raised upright, and a safety latch releases them to lower and extend.


Get in and out of tight places you’d never dream of taking a trailer.

Ditch the trailer and go further down into the woods than ever before. With the 4Loader, there’s no more worrying about where you’ll be able to turn around with that long trailer. Take steep hills, cross deep streams and jump the big logs – anywhere your truck will take you. On long road trips, you’ll also find it’s great for getting into and out of restaurant and hotel parking lots. And no more dented fenders and bumpers caused by jackknifing trailers.


Now your short bed truck can haul an ATV and a toolbox!

To fit an ATV in most short bed trucks with tool boxes, you have to lower the tailgate and let the weight of the ATV rest on the tailgate. This eventually bends the tailgate so badly it won’t shut. When you install the 4Loader, you remove the tailgate and all of the weight rests on the 4Loader platform and the bed of your truck. The 4Loader extends your bed by nearly 4 feet, giving you ample room for all your tools and supplies. When you’re through using your 4Loader, slip it off the back of your truck and put your tailgate back in place – good as new.


Ratchet straps secure your ATV while your truck is in motion.

Rugged tie -own straps attach to built-in hooks — so nothing moves!


Made of durable aluminum, the 4Loader has been put to the test by independent engineers.

While that average ATV weighs less than 1,000 pounds, the 4Loader can withstand weights up to 3,000 pounds. It has been tested to hold up in vehicle collisions and every calamity we could throw at it. Each 4Loader is welded by hand and inspected for strength before leaving the shop. Additionally, we powder coat the 4Loader to give it an extra tough exterior finish.


The 4Loader is fully wired with tail lights, side lights and back-up lights for added safety.

Though not required by law, we’ve taken the added safety measure of adding tail lights and side lights to the 4Loader for the ultimate in safety. Though your trucks own signal and brake lights are not obscured when using it, we felt it important to make the 4Loader as absolutely safe as possible. The 4Loader’s lights use a standard 7-way plug. Adapters are available for trucks with 4- or 5-way plugs.


The 4Loader is designed for any one-ton, three-quarter-ton or half-ton pickup truck with a 2” receiver.

Though the distance between hitches and beds tends to vary from truck to truck, the 4Loader solves this issue by providing vertical adjustability so you can make yours fit exactly to your truck’s specific bed height. We’ve also taken into consideration varying bed widths, plastic bed liners and large bumpers. The 4Loader works around whatever you’ve got.


Load an ATV in the back of your truck and also pull a trailer.

Now you can bring your ATV and still pull a boat, camper or another 4-wheeler behind. The 4Loader sleeve has a 2″ receiver that allows you to pull up to 2,000 pounds. Don’t choose one or the other – bring them both!


The 4Loader is designed with minimal moving parts, reducing the chance for parts to break or wear out.

With the 4Loader, there are no axles or bearings to replace and never any flat tires! All moving pieces are hand welded and should last a lifetime. So enjoy your 4Loader and know that there’s no maintenance to worry about.


The 4Loader mounts in just minutes using the convenient rolling safety dolly.

Just roll the dolly up to your truck, slide the 4Loader into your truck’s 2” receiver, adjust the height to your truck’s specific bed height, and you’re all set. It’s quick and easy!


The 4Loader is 100% made in America.

The 4Loader is manufactured in South Carolina. Our locks and lights are sourced from US manufacturers, and everything else is constructed and welded in our shop. It is important to us to keep the jobs here in America and give our people every advantage to thrive at a time when so many companies are looking overseas for the largest profits possible. We are proud of our workers and are proud to produce the 4Loader in the greatest country in the world.

Patent #US9670013.

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